Early Childhood Intervention and Prevention Services

The Helen Ross McNabb Center has provided early intervention and prevention services to children since 1948 and is recognized as a regional expert in trauma and abuse therapy.

At any given time there are literally thousands of children struggling with emotional issues. Many of these children experience some difficulty as they grow from infancy through adolescence. These difficulties can cause behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, uncontrollable anger and even suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Additionally some children need help after experiencing trauma in their life and have much to gain by receiving early intervention and adequate care when facing these struggles. The good news is mental illness can be diagnosed and treated. Early identification and treatment is critical to minimizing harm related to an illness. Furthermore, access to care is proven to accelerate recovery and equip individuals with needed resources to manage a mental illness. The Center operates numerous evidenced-based programs and recognizes the importance of maintaining the fidelity of these models.