Knox County

Kent C. Withers Family Crisis Center

The Kent C. Withers Family Crisis Center a place of refuge for women experiencing domestic violence and their children. While at shelter, women receive on-site counseling and case management to help them through this challenging time. Additionally, our 24-hour crisis hotline, 865-637-8000, is housed in the crisis center. This hotline provides a number for victims to call any-time-of-day access to information on emergency shelter, support groups and other domestic violence services from caring, knowledgeable staff. 

Dameron Place

Helen Ross McNabb Center Runaway Shelter
114 Dameron Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917

The Dameron Place provides a safety net of runaway prevention, crisis intervention, host home services, and counseling services for runaway and homeless youth, ages 12-18. The goal is to reunite youth with their families, giving them the tools to open the lines of communication and have a happier, healthier home life.