New behavioral health care for veterans and military personnel helps close service gap in East Tennessee
Helen Ross McNabb Center Military Services
The Helen Ross McNabb Center celebrated its new outpatient behavioral health services specifically designed to serve military personnel, veterans and their families today. The formal celebration took place at the Center’s new facility located at 3712 Middlebrook Pike in Knoxville. 

The Helen Ross McNabb Center’s mission of “improving the lives of the people it serves” led the organization to create specialized services for military personnel, veterans and their loved ones. These services are designed for individuals facing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, anxiety, substance abuse disorders, co-occurring disorders, thoughts of suicide and other invisible wounds incurred from service. 
“We aim to serve those who have courageously served our country to guarantee they have access to the resources and support they need to continue healthy and purposeful living,” said Jerry Vagnier, HRMC president and CEO. 

The Center’s Military Services offer individual and family therapy, provided by clinical therapists trained in military culture. Many of the therapists are veterans themselves. The outpatient behavioral health services are available to anyone who has served in the military, regardless of discharge status or length of service. For more information, visit or call (865) 444-2333.
Consolidated Nuclear Security, Mitch and Debby SteenrodDue to generosity shown by the community, all services are free and confidential. The Helen Ross McNabb Center would like to thank Consolidated Nuclear Security, The Steenrod Family and the Helen Ross McNabb Foundation for their generous support.  
“Veterans’ issues are a major focus of CNS, which employs many veterans at Y-12 in Oak Ridge and Pantex in Amarillo, Texas,” said Jason Bohne, Senior Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “CNS is honored to assist veterans and active military whose service helps keep America free”.
During the ceremony, the Helen Ross McNabb Center dedicated the building and Military Services in memory of Senior Airman Brandon Hall. Brandon Hall was a man of honor, loyalty, and sacrifice. Declining a college football scholarship, he chose to serve six years in the U.S. Air Force (USAF), including four deployments to the Middle East. Brandon was stationed twice at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, an area of intense military activity. Not only did Brandon proudly serve during conflict, he continued his dedication by performing active duty in the USAF Honor Guard, a competitive volunteer position honoring and representing all members, past and present, of the Air Force. Brandon died in 2012 at the age of 26. The core values of the U. S. Air Force are “Integrity First;” “Service Before Self;” and “Excellence In All We Do.” While upholding these standards and this passion, the Helen Ross McNabb Center will assist and support East Tennessee military personnel and veterans in honor of Brandon’s sacrifice and dedication to his country.  Helen Ross McNabb Center Military Services and the new building are dedicated to him.
“The transition from active duty to civilian life is misunderstood by those that haven’t served our armed forces.  In reality, it is a pivotal time for our veterans as they try to navigate from rigorous structure to a life that doesn’t possess defined boundaries. Little guidance is offered in the transition. It is our sincere hope that this investment in veterans of east Tennessee will provide the support they need to make the transition from active duty,” said Mitch Steenrod.
The Helen Ross McNabb Center is a premier not‐for‐profit provider of behavioral health services in East Tennessee. Since 1948, the Center has provided quality and compassionate care to children, adults and families experiencing mental illness, addiction and social challenges. As the Center celebrates nearly 70 years of providing services to communities in East Tennessee, its mission remains clear and simple; “Improving the lives of the people we serve.” For more information, visit or call 865‐637‐9711.