Your health, our mission: Mike's story
After an altercation with a neighbor that resulted in arrest, Mike was encouraged by the Loudon County Veteran’s Court, along with Vet to Vet Tennessee, to seek out mental health services. He was referred to the Helen Ross McNabb Center for services tailored specifically for military personnel and veterans. Mike served 22 years in the United States Marines Corps, and initially, he didn’t describe his experiences in service as traumatic or as having any impact on his everyday life. He also denied having any issues with anger or alcohol.
However, through weekly therapy sessions with clinical therapists trained in military culture, Mike became more relaxed and began to open up about his past and seemingly uncontrollable anger. Eventually, he was able to explore suppressed thoughts and feelings from earlier in his life and associate his tendency to react quickly in situations to his military training. Mike successfully completed his individual treatment goals through the military services program at the Helen Ross McNabb Center and graduated from veteran’s court. Mike has become more positive and less impulsive, which has helped him stop turning to alcohol to cope when life is uncomfortable or hard. He is allowing himself to find joy everyday and is proud of the positive changes he has made in his life.
Military services began in 2016 after a need was identified in the community. Our hope is to serve those, like Mike, who have courageously served our country by giving them access to the resources and support they need to continue healthy and purposeful living.
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