Board of Directors

In order to encourage and maintain credibility, the Center is governed by a 22-member volunteer Board of Directors. Board members have the responsibility to create and evaluate policy and organizational goals regarding the Center’s finances and services. Board members are elected to serve a three-year term and may serve two terms consecutively. 

Ms. Heidi Barcus

Mr. Richard Maples

Ms. Nancy Cain

Mr. Randy Miller

Dr. Amy Cathey

Mrs. Della Morrow

Mr. Scott Ferguson  

Mr. Joe Petre

Mr. Joe Fielden

Mr. James Schaad

Mr. Charles Finn

Mr. Ross Schram, III

Mr. Mike Fishman

Judge Richard Stair

Mr. Ted Flickinger

Dr. Karen Sowers

Dr. Joe Johnson

Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan

Mrs. Debbie Jones

Mrs. Traci Topham

Mr. Dale Keasling

Mr. Clarence Vaughn