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The Helen Ross McNabb Center operates two peer support centers in East Tennessee. Peer support centers are client-run rehabilitation service for adults with mental illness funded through a variety of State and local community grants. Three main goals of peer support centers are education, socialization, and support. The Helen Ross McNabb Center's peer support programs serve as a safe place for mentally ill adults to come build relationships, develop socialization skills, become involved in the community, and expand their support system.

Members are taught independent living skills, job training skills, and have a variety of community resources at their fingertips. This program provides transportation to members who are unable to navigate the public transportation system, as well as a daily meal. The peer support centers require no financial obligation from its members at any time. All meals, supplies, activities, and transportation are free of charge, as the peer support centers serves primarily low income members of Knox, Hamilton and surrounding counties. 

Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSS) are provided to aid members in their recovery. Certification is funded by TennCare and Behavioral Health Safety Net and is obtained by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services. For more information regarding CPSS, click HERE.

Members also have access to a Peer Wellness Coach. The Peer Wellness Coach is an affiliate of the My Health, My Choice, My Life program, a groundbreaking health and wellness initiative in Tennessee.  Its leaders have had personal experience with psychiatric, and/or co-occurring conditions, and they offer a revolutionary line of services to help improve the lives of Tennesseans living with mental health and substance use conditions.  

Contact Information

Knox County Peer Support Center
Friendship House
Program Coordinator
(865) 544-3841, ext. 4105

Hamilton County Peer Support Center
The Lighthouse
Supervisor of Peer Support Services
(423) 756-1295 


County Served
Knox County
Hamilton County

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